June 27, 2011

Triunfo del Amor Capitulo Final 1

Triunfo del Amor Capitulo Final 1. Plans Eva (Pilar Pellicer) runs smoothly, the sauce that has been prepared for Bernarda (Daniela Romo), previously added to the acid. Because indeed, the sauce was prepared to kill Bernarda. So, after eating the sauce Bernarda, Bernarda started to feel sick.

While Fer (Livia Brito) which already has a baby, bringing her baby with Victoria. Maximiliano (William Levy), joined together with their children, then all ate as a family. Not to miss with Osvaldo (Osvaldo Rios), before going to Spain to meet his friend offering a job, found time to meet with his grandchildren. And to Heriberto (Cesar Evora), Osvaldo asked him to make Victoria (Victoria Ruffo) happy, because it is proper Victoria find happiness.

Then, to convince everyone that he truly loves Victoria, Heriberto said that he would make a happy Victoria, Victoria is the most loved person in the world, and is not intended to take Victoria from Osvaldo. The family is represented by Maximiliano (William Levy), respect the decision taken by the Victorian, and allow them to implement their plans.

Meanwhile, Juan Pablo (Diego Olivera) who just came home, saw Bernarda lying unconscious, to keep all possibilities, Juan Pablo immediately call an ambulance.
Information about the state of Bernarda has come to Heriberto, who then convey it to Victoria, and then go to the hospital. Bernarda state, also known by Maria Desamparada (Maite Perroni) who was listening, then she asked Max, if Max was going too.

After review, it turns the stomach Bernarda, there is poison in significant amounts, and Heriberto told Juan Pablo, that Bernarda stomach must be pumped to remove toxins which could endanger her soul. For further investigation, the police were notified about the discovery of poison in the stomach Bernarda.

Then Juan Pablo meet Father Jeronimo to tell about his mother who poisoned and now being treated in hospital, and delivered well, that is a suspect in this case is Eva, who is now not known to exist. Hearing, Eva became a suspect, Jeronimo said, do not believe it, because Eva has no reason to seek revenge. Therefore, Juan Pablo explained, the Jeronimo about Eva reasons, namely the existence of Bernarda and Eva's sister's husband.

Furthermore, Juan Pablo took him, to the house of Bernarda, and asked him to send someone to take care of Bernarda, also asked him to pray for her.

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